March Students of the Month:
students of the month

At Long Beach Middle School, we understand that success occurs when students, teachers, parents, and the community CONNECT. We are proud of these scholars for working hard every day to exceed our expectations. We appreciate the connections they make and for helping our school be a fantastic place to learn and grow. #5houses1family

**Paratum: **Molly Kate Jimerson and Jai Anna Ellzey

Quantum: Ishaan Kallura and Sorina Chan

**Mutunci: **Raeleigh Watkins and Hailey Pigage

**Fidum: **Sophia Shaw and Julie Bennett

**Nitimini: **Grady Biancamano and Michaela Fambro

March staff members of the month
Staff of the month

Our staff members of the month are Elizabeth Spears and Hayle Russell.