October Students of the Month:
students of the month

AtLong Beach Middle School, we are setting sail forSUCCESS. We are proud of these students for working hard daily to exceed our expectations. Thank you for making our school a fantastic place to learn and grow. #5houses1famil

**Paratum:**Addison Peterson and Trammell Moore

**Quantum:**Jonathan Kleecamp and Emma Bartlett

**Mutunci:**A zaa Alfred and Maddox Wayne

**Fidum:**Ava Eleuterius and Garrett Suber

Nitimini: Dax Voohries (not pictured) and Jayden Hunt

october Team Members of the month

Gwen Bateman and Lacey Roux

LBMS Teacher of the Year
teacher of the year

Congratulations Alex Eleutarius