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Circulation Policy

over 2 years ago

Circulation Policy

1. Students may check out 2 books for a two week period. If the book needs to be renewed, the student must bring the book in for it to be renewed. 

2. If the book is late, there will be a 5 cent per school day charge. The fine does not exceed $1.50. If a book is damaged or lost a fine is accessed based on the damage or replacement cost for the book. 

3. There is no charge for printing a required assignment or report.  You must get permission to print from a library staff member.  No printing is allowed of Internet materials.

4. Overdue notices are sent to each reading class teacher on Monday morning.

5. Students with overdue, damaged or lost books must clear in the library to receive their report cards. 

6. All classroom rules are upheld in the library.  Gum, candy, food or drinks are not allowed in the library.

7. The computer lab is available for research only.  All of the LBSD Acceptable Use Policies apply in the computer lab.  Any changing of computer settings will result in the loss of computer privileges.

Please note these rules:
A. No e-mail 
B. No games 
C. No downloading

8. Lost/Damaged Books- If you damage a book, the damage will be assessed by the librarian. If you lose a book or damage it beyond repair, you must pay the replacement cost of the book.

9. Reading teachers take their classes to the library every other week on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday, Thursday and Friday are reserved for classes to do research in the main library or library computer lab.  A library schedule is posted on the LBMS Library Website found at

10. If students need to use the library between their scheduled reading classes, they need to have a hall pass from a teacher. 

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