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ELA Tutorial
In ELA tutorial, we will be working on basic literacy, reading, and writing skills. We will follow the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards. Our goal is to provide support and help in a positive environment for those students struggling in their academic classes and with state testing.

Students will be encouraged to organize their binders and book-bags on a regular basis. Students will complete weekly grade checks and a weekly assignment calendar (Week-At-A-Glance.)

I can be reached by calling guidance and scheduling a conference, 864-9737, or by email,

We will follow the school's PBIS expectations for the classroom:
Prepared: Bring required supplies and assignments
Respectful: Listen when others talk; Use positive language; Use care when handling school property.
Integrity: Show what you can do; Be honest (no cheating or stealing)
Dependable: Be on time; Do your part.
Effort: Stay awake and alert; be an active listener; Give 100%.

Students will receive PRIDE Points for the activities completed during class. These points will also be listed in Powerschool as points earned.